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News from June, 2011

Leading Fortune 200 Financial Services Firm Chooses Aravo Solutions to Optimize Supplier Lifecycle Processes

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Reuters – Press Release

Aravo Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of on–demand Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) and B2B information and collaboration solutions, announced today that a leading Fortune 200 Financial Services company headquartered in San Antonio, TX has selected Aravo Solutions to help drive improved supplier performance and reduce supply management costs. The selection was the result of an exhaustive analysis of competing solutions during which the company evaluated offerings to help it reduce supply chain risk from supplier failures, discover and manage new strategic supply relationships and ensure supplier data accuracy throughout its operations. Using Aravo’s complete suite of SLM solutions, the company will have a single source of truth for supplier information that every application, business unit, and region can access, improving supplier performance and lowering operating costs.

The financial services industry—driven by regulatory requirements like GLBA, FCPA and BSA, increased competition from non-traditional players, commoditization of products, and advances in technology—has experienced significant change in the last decade. This change has placed constant pressure on the industry to manage new risks, lower costs, improve efficiencies, and rethink traditional business models. As a result, institutions are searching for ways to streamline internal operations and automate their supply and resource management processes.

Against this backdrop of change and rapid growth, the company found itself faced with multiple inefficient manual and uncoordinated supplier management processes. Discovering new suppliers that could meet their demanding requirements had become increasingly difficult, while attempting to manage supplier performance, risk and enablement across disparate internal systems and business units had become a costly and time-consuming exercise. (Full Article)

Aravo AssureTM Revolutionizes Supply Relationships

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

BusinessWire – Press Release

Aravo Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of on–demand Supplier Lifecycle Management and B2B information and collaboration solutions, announced that Aravo AssureTM is revolutionizing the way that companies manage their B2B trading relationships. Using Aravo AssureTM, the industry’s first ?? and only ?? supplier information network with a focus on risk, performance, compliance, and sustainability, members are implementing new strategies for reducing the cost of managing and sharing critical business information with trading partners, while finding new customers for their products and services.

Aravo AssureTM was built to revolutionize the way businesses engage, share data, and collaborate. Today’s outdated, manual, spreadsheet-based systems for pushing and pulling data between trading partners add complexity and cost. With Aravo AssureTM, buyers and suppliers are empowered with cutting-edge, many-to-many, Enterprise 2.0 technology, delivered in an intuitive, web-based system. Suppliers can leverage data and credentials across unlimited numbers of customers and prospects from a centralized secure location, and buyers can ensure they have the fresh, validated data their internal systems require to keep the flow of direct and indirect goods moving.  (Full Article)

Aravo Offers FCPA Webinar for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Firms

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

BusinessWire – Press Release

Aravo Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of on–demand B2B information and collaboration and Supplier Lifecycle Management solutions, announced that it has joined with Richards Kibbe & Orbe to deliver a must-see webinar for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies addressing the Federal Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The webinar, designed for in-house and retained counsel, compliance officers, and executives who manage third party intermediaries, will explore the key elements of successful FCPA programs, discuss real-world examples, and demonstrate how technology can automate critical compliance processes and documentation.

The FCPA and the business and legal risks of potential corruption have become top of mind for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies around the world. In the U.S., the Department of Justice, FBI, and the Securities and Exchange Commission have begun a rigorous anti-corruption campaign, and the prosecution of non-compliant global businesses under the FCPA is on the rise. With the passage of similar legislation in the UK and other markets, anti-bribery compliance is now a global concern. (Full Article)

Chart: Mobile Business Booms, Data Use Surges To 48 Percent

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 – Ingrid Lunden

We all know how significant mobile has become as a channel for online businesses that are not inherently mobile properties—we see that trend getting played out every day.

Investment bank Rutberg & Co. has passed on to us a chart that pulls together some of the more striking examples of just how important this is already for some of the internet’s biggest brands. Meanwhile, some new numbers out from the UK-based Enders Analysis underscore the continuing growth in mobile data usage…

Rutberg has released this data (embedded below the post) on the eve of the investment bank’s annual Future:Mobile conference. (This year it is being held in San Francisco, June 16-17.)

It shows significant mobile muscle from some players. Pandora (NYSE: P), which has just listed, is sending over 60 percent of its music streams to mobile devices, and more than 60 percent of new users are coming from the mobile platform. Facebook’s mobile users are twice as active as those accessing from PCs (which makes it all the more crazy that Facebook hasn’t tried to monetize that yet).  (Full Article)

groSolar Offers Residential Solar Lease Program in Pennsylvania

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Renewable Energy World – Press Release

National solar power installer and distributor groSolar announced today the launch of a new residential solar leasing program for homeowners in Pennsylvania, offered in partnership with AFC-First Financial and Middle Atlantic Solar Leasing, LP. It is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania.

The solar leasing program allows a homeowner to lease a rooftop solar electric system for little or no money down, and pay a monthly fee for the solar electricity the panels produce. Homeowners also have the option to buy the solar system outright at a later date.

By replacing more expensive utility power with a new, lower solar lease payment, participating homeowners can expect to see a decrease in their total household electricity costs. Also, since the lease payment is fixed for the initial 15 year term of the lease, homeowners can protect themselves against unpredictable utility rate increases in the future.  (Full Article)

New Aberdeen Research Highlights the Importance of Effective Supplier Management

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

BusinessWire – Press Release

Aravo Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of on–demand Supplier Lifecycle Management and B2B information and collaboration solutions, announced that it has sponsored Aberdeen’s new research report, “The Year of the Supplier”, by Constantine G. Limberakis, Senior Global Supply Management Analyst. Aberdeen’s research shows that effective supplier management can lead to a variety of benefits, including increased collaboration, savings to the buyer, and alternative sources of revenue for suppliers over the long term. The report further identifies tools and strategies organizations can use to increase on-time delivery and project completion, and reduce the risk of catastrophic project failure.

“Business demands today are requiring organizations to place more emphasis on improving supplier relationships, sparking increased interest for promoting areas such as supplier information management, compliance, risk and performance,” said Constantine Limberakis, senior research analyst, Aberdeen. “With this in mind, the organizations that can distinguish themselves in these areas will be able to lower their supplier costs, improve supplier relationships, and ultimately translate benefits into a competitive advantage.” (Full Article)

Message in a Wine Bottle: Save the Oceans

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

United Business Media – PRNewswire

Cellar Angels Wine Philanthropy Partners with Sea-thos Foundation

The next time you head to the ocean and drink a glass of wine, you might be helping protect the water your kids are swimming in.

Cellar Angels (, a wine-philanthropy group, is donating 10 percent of the net proceeds from wine sales to the Sea-thos Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes education and awareness of the human impact on the world’s oceans.

“All of the world’s great wine regions are impacted by the oceans. Wine and water and inextricably linked. We thought this would be a great cause to help,” said Martin Cody, president of Cellar Angels, a wine buying club offering fantastic wines at discounted prices to its members and donates 10 percent of the net proceeds to charities. Most wines are from small, family run, boutique vineyards in the Napa and Sonoma areas of California. “When you go to the beach on vacation, you can help save the earth and protect the ecology.”

Cellar Angels helps other charities as well.

“We try to represent all areas of philanthropy. We already have concentrations in health and pediatric advancement. We did not have anything eco-friendly and we wanted to have a presence there,” he said. Other groups partnering with Cellar Angels include Children’s Cardiology Foundation, The V Foundation for Cancer Research, The Ounce of Prevention and Auction Napa Valley. Unlike other cause-related marketing events, the customer can select which worthy group will get their donation.  (Full Article)