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News from December, 2010

Social Selling Goes Global

Monday, December 20th, 2010

InsideView – Marketwire

InsideView, the leader in sales intelligence, today announced that Australia-based iGo2 Group joins InsideView’s Partner Program as reseller and master agent to companies based in Asia-Pacific countries. Together, InsideView and iGo2 help companies leverage social media solutions to increase sales productivity. The partnership emphasizes a joint dedication to helping companies gain competitive advantages using social selling. IGo2 offers customers tailored social technology solutions that range from methodology consulting to full social media implementations. InsideView is the market leader in delivering social intelligence for boosting sales productivity.

“We’re looking forward to working with iGo2 as we expand into the Asia-Pacific region,” said Heidi Tucker, VP of Global Alliances at InsideView. “Asia-Pacific countries have enthusiastically embraced the social media revolution, and there’s a huge opportunity for InsideView to broaden the message of social selling in this market.”  (Full Article)

Bioplastics startup Ecospan pitches DEMO on bubble wrap, not more bubble rap

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Venture Beat Deals & More – Michael Sinanian

This week’s DEMO meetups in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California were a breath of fresh air across a startup landscape that’s crowded with consumer Web startups. Among the diverse ventures we saw this week was a company called Ecospan, which is aiming to disrupt the packaging space with a proprietary biopolymer-based, biodegradable material.

Companies like Ecospan, which aim at fundamental technological innovations which reshape the physical world, not just the virtual world, are a pointed response to the Web 2.0 bubble alarmists. They show that the tech industry still has players with their heads in the right places.

Ecospan joins the efforts of several other, much larger firms that are pushing toward greener packaging. As we reported yesterday,, Walmart, UPS, Fedex and others are heavily committing to sustainable packaging wherever they can, giving incentives to suppliers and also using clever new software to determine precise boxing requirements, among other innovations. (Full Article)

CRM Gets Smart

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Marketwire – InsideView

With more than 50 partners now representing InsideView’s leading sales intelligence solution, InsideView’s rapidly expanding partner program has reached new heights. Its partners recognize the value InsideView offers in several key areas: increased sales productivity, higher win rates and rapid CRM adoption.

“We are honored that the leading experts in Sales Effectiveness and CRM Implementation have selected InsideView as their primary sales intelligence partner,” said Heidi Tucker, vice president, global alliances at InsideView.

Buyers are smarter than ever before and have access to a wealth of information about products and services. To be effective, salespeople need to be smarter too — and engage their prospects in relevant, meaningful and timely dialog. To do this credibly, salespeople need to understand the important business issues affecting their prospects and know the right time to engage in a conversation that earns their trust.  (Full Article)

Kudos to the greenest ML pub of them all

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Mainline Media News – Mike Weilbacher

There’s a whole lot of new stuff on the menu at the Pub of Penn Valley, that sweet, homey and delicious restaurant on Montgomery Avenue. There’s lobster ravioli with crab and diced tomatoes in a Ketel One vodka and tarragon cream sauce (OMG!), filet mignon with chanterelle mushroom sauce over fried polenta, stuffed pork loin with apple whiskey sauce, the macaroni and cheese of the day…

And solar power.

Since the first week in October, the pub has been solar-powered, a series of photovoltaic cells marching across its rooftop to deliver climate-neutral electricity to the lights, computers, refrigerators and air conditioners below.

“Every year we do a major project,” said Dave Hamilton, the pub’s unassuming but revolutionary owner, last week. “One year we replaced the refrigerators in the basement; another we refinished the bar top. We have a nice flat roof,” he continued, “and I looked at doing solar like five years ago, but it wasn’t feasible – it took like 15 or 20 years to pay it back. But with the technology improving and the incentives getting better, now it only takes maybe only five years to pay it back.” (Full Article)

Names You Need to Know in 2011: Paul Scanlan of MobiTV

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Forbes – Michael Humphrey

This summer, ESPN Mobile streamed over 100 million minutes of World Cup soccer coverage to phones — and the great majority of it was live. It was a sign that the smallest screens we own are ready to do big things for TV. More and more, we seem to want at least some portion of our television entertainment in pocket.

Paul Scanlan, president and co-founder of MobiTV, saw the big picture of small screens way before most.

“I’ve been involved in the mobile video space since before there was a mobile video space,” Scanlan, 40, told Peter Cervieri of Scribe Media at Streaming Media East last January (video below). “We, to a large degree, created it.”

Take a look MobiTV’s timeline and see if you can dispute that claim. In November, 2003, after four years of developing their technology, MobiTV launched with the Sprint Network. For me, that was four phones ago. Or another way to look at it — that was five months before Facebook launched. MobiTV claims 10 million monthly subscribers seven years later. Not gigantic numbers, but it’s important to remember most of those subscribers are paying for the service, usually through their phone provider.  (Full Article)

InsideView is Most Popular Choice on CRM Platforms

Monday, December 6th, 2010 – Calvin Azuri

The most popular choice on all top CRM platforms is InsideView For Sales. An announcement in this regard has been made by InsideView. As compared to other options, Sales Force Automation or SFA users prefer InsideView’s flagship product, InsideView For Sales. InsideView is the top company in sales intelligence.

Relevant business and social intelligence is delivered right within the CRM workflow by InsideView For Sales. This helps in increasing the productivity. The solution from InsideView has become the most popular intelligence solution on all the top CRM marketplaces. It is also the most popular solution among the various ecosystems. InsideView For Sales has also been rated at the top among sales intelligence solutions. (News – Alert) AppExchange has rated InsideView For Sales as the most popular and higher rated Sales Intelligence application. InsideView For Sales is the most popular download on ChatterExchange. It is also the most valuable bundle on NetSuite SuiteApp.  (Full Article)


Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Inside View – Press Release

InsideView, the leader in sales intelligence, today announced that its flagship product, InsideView For Sales, has become the most popular choice on all leading CRM platforms.

InsideView For Sales increases productivity by delivering relevant business and social intelligence right within the CRM workflow.

InsideView has become the most popular and/or highest rated sales intelligence solution on all the leading CRM marketplaces and/or ecosystems.  (Full Article)

Online Social CRM intelecrm Integrates with InsideView to Deliver Breakthrough Sales Intelligence and CRM Adoption

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

SFGate – InsideView Press Release

Intelestream, Inc., a leading provider in CRM consulting and CRM Software as a Service today announced a strategic partnership with InsideView, the Sales 2.0 leader that enables users to discover sales opportunities from traditional and social media sources in order to close deals easier and drive more revenue. Intelestream is the first and only CRM provider to embed the InsideView application for all CRM users.

“Intelestream is clearly a thought leader in the CRM space recognizing the value of social media and sales intelligence for their customers. We’re thrilled that all Intelestream CRM customers will soon enjoy access to InsideView and look forward to sharing social selling best practices to help them be more successful”, said Heidi Tucker, Vice President Global Alliances at InsideView.  (Full Article)