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News from October, 2010

Amid Microsoft buyout rumors, Linden Lab founder leaves CEO post

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Venture Beat – Riley McDermid

The game of musical chairs in the executive suite at Second Life parent company Linden Lab continued today, as founder Philip Rosedale, who had been serving as interim CEO since June, announced he was stepping down from the job immediately.

The change-up happens amidst nearly a month of rumors that Microsoft has already made a bid for the company and may soon acquire the virtual reality shop, according to TechEye, which sourced it to a post on Twitter from someone claiming to be close to Linden’s management team.

Both companies refused to comment on those rumors today.

Rosedale had taken over the role when former CEO Mark Kingdon left the company in mid-June, shortly after Linden slashed 30 percent of its employee roster and said it would begin focusing more on extending Second Life into mobile phones and social networks.

The company said today that Linden’s current CFO and COO Bob Komin will fill the CEO post until a replacement is found.  (Full Article)

Danvers woman’s home to produce green energy for town

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Danvers Herald – Steven Ryan

The solar panels installed at Susan Tropeano’s home only tell part of the story as she looks to transform her Bates Court Circle home into a green energy machine — with some of her efforts potentially helping the town take the next step in increasing its renewable energy use.

In an unprecedented move in Danvers, Tropeano is having batteries installed to store the energy the solar panels have produced, which the town is going to purchase wholesale from her in the form of a credit on her electric account.

“Danvers Electric is going to buy my electricity,” Tropeano said. “The town of Danvers is benefiting.”

Working with Tropeano, the town has devised a system to get her energy to be put back in the system – a process called net metering. Now that the town has the infrastructure for net metering, Tropeano said Danvers could receive energy from anyone who manages to store produced energy.  (Full Article)

Stimulus Tracker: Rebates have solar panel business booming

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Daily Times – Kathleen E. Carey

Michael Chambers clenched his fist and punched the 3-foot-by-5-foot panel of dark blue swirls of photovoltaic slates, but it wasn’t because of the imbalance in his life caused by the excitement in solar-generated electricity.

“It can handle 60 to 85 mph winds,” the groSolar direct outside sales representative for the Mid-Atlantic region said, adding it could also withstand 90 mph hail. But, its resiliency is not what makes it so attractive, Chambers said.

“With the rebate, we haven’t been able to keep up,” he said. “Thirty percent federal tax credit, that’s significant.”

Add that to the Pennsylvania’s Solar Renewable Energy Credit and many purchasers are finding it irresistible, Chambers added.  (Full Article)

Photos Prove That Boscombe Surf Reef Works, Says Snapper Paul Humber

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Daily Echo – Julie Magee

The camera never lies, according to one satisfied surfer who claims he has photographic proof that Europe’s first artificial reef does work.

Paul Humber from Southbourne took to the waves with an underwater camera to dispel criticism of the much-maligned £3 million Boscombe tourist attraction.

He said: “These pictures prove the reef is not a failure and can produce amazing waves. I believe all the negativity stems from a lack of understanding about waves, how they are created and what affects them.” (Full Article)

MobiTV set to take like TV anywhere

Monday, October 4th, 2010

SF Gate – Ian King and Ari Levy

If you’ve watched the World Cup or NFL games on your mobile phone, you probably used MobiTV Inc.’s services without knowing it. Now the company is working to bring its technology into your home.

MobiTV’s new service, slated to be introduced at this week’s CTIA wireless-industry conference in San Francisco, will let a football fan watch a game on a smart phone, pause it, then resume viewing from the big screen at home.

The idea is to deliver the same television service to TV sets, mobile devices, home computers and even the office – something that Intel Corp., Cisco Systems Inc. and Google Inc. also have talked about. MobiTV is betting that its experience in bringing live programming to AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp. customers gives it an advantage over larger competitors that have yet to crack the mobile-TV market.  (Full Article)