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News from March, 2009

Silicon ingot maker Solaicx customizes gear for solar

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

EE Times – R. Colin Johnson

PORTLAND, Ore. — Solar cell ingot manufacturer Solaicx has developed its own manufacturing process for wafers used in solar panels. The result, it claims, is much higher solar conversion efficiencies.

Solaicx’s efforts to differentiate itself from traditional manufacturers of silicon ingots for solar applications has resulted in its receiving the Progressive Manufacturing 100 award for its proprietary manufacturing process. The process for crystalline silicon photovoltaics was cited for consistently high efficiency.

The company’s Progressive Manufacturing Award was in the “Innovation Mastery” category. (Full Article)

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Solaicx Wins Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

PR Newswire – Press Release

Solar Ingot Manufacturer Honored Second Time for Innovative Manufacturing Process

Solaicx, a leading manufacturer of monocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers optimized for solar applications, was recently awarded the Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award (PM100). This is the second year in a row that Managing Automation has honored Solaicx for its progressive core business, the management of its operations and the optimization of its advanced manufacturing technologies.

“This second PM100 award reaffirms Solaicx as one of the few ingot manufacturers in the world with a production process so unique it’s making solar electricity more cost competitive,” said Bob Ford, president and CEO of Solaicx. “Our commercial photovoltaic production facility in Portland proves our ability to increase throughput and ingot quality simultaneously, while remaining scalable and flexible enough to meet the shifting demands of the solar market.” (Full Article)

Mariah Power Announces Completion of 100 Unit Field Program

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Mariah Power – Press Release

Program Results in Substantial Enhancements to Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Preparation for Volume Manufacturing

Mariah Power, a wind technology company and producer of Windspire vertical axis wind turbines, today announced the conclusion of its 100 Unit Field Program which closely monitored the performance of 100 Windspire wind turbines in a variety of installation locations across the country. The Unit Field Program, that has been taking place since June 2008, led to several enhancements of the Windspire wind turbine. The product upgrades increase quality and reduce cost per unit of the wind turbine prior to its volume manufacturing at MasTech Manufacturing in Manistee, Michigan, scheduled to begin later this month. (Full Article)

Watch live NCAA basketball on an iPhone

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

USA Today – Jefferson Graham

Live sports are coming to the iPhone.

MobiTV, which offers prime-time TV programming for cellphones, has cut a deal with CBS Sports to show 63 NCAA basketball games in an iPhone/iTouch app for $4.99. The games begin next week, but the App goes on sale Thursday.

The app grants access to all of the CBS Sports NCAA games, and goes one step further than television, says MobiTV senior vice-president Ray DeRenzo.

On TV, you can only see one game at a time, but on the iPhone or iTouch, you can choose to watch any of 4 games that are happening at any given time until the elimination process begins. So, for instance, if you tune in and see that games in New York, Florida, Illinois and California are available to watch, you just click to see the game of your choice. (Full Article)

Sometrics Helps Game Publishers Reach Next Level of Growth, with Roadmap for Turning User Engagement into Revenue; New White Paper Released Today

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Reuters – Business Wire Press Release

Analysis Pinpoints Ways for Publishers of Casual and Social Games, Virtual Worlds and Social Apps to Boost Revenue as Advertisers Seek Measurable ROI 

NEW YORK–(Business Wire)– Helping publishers and developers of casual, social and free-to-play games turn user engagement into revenue, Sometrics ( today unveiled a new white paper that introduces the concept of “advertiser-supported transactions” as a way to monetize even those consumers who don’t want to pay for virtual items.

The company released the white paper at Engage! Expo, the leading virtual worlds conference, held here through March 11. Sometrics co-founder and CEO Ian Swanson speaks at the conference today at 11 a.m. In his session, titled “Understanding Your Audience and Optimizing Revenue Streams,” Swanson will discuss using virtual items, incentives and alternative payment methods to optimize revenue in casual, social and free-to-play games. (Full Article)

Cloud Computing’s Three-Horse Race

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

The New York Times – Gary Orenstein, GigaOm

Cloud Computing has hit the main stage, solidly capturing the minds of both the technology and business communities. But while three distinct deployment models have emerged, it’s far from certain which of them will go on to prosper. The three models are:

1. Renting raw hardware: compute processing, data storage and networking bandwidth.
2. Leveraging an integrated application development engine.
3. Ordering an application.

So in order to get a better sense of the prospects of each approach, let’s take a closer look at key companies promoting them and the market forces shaping them. (Full Article)

Cast Iron Selects InsideView to Accelerate Sales Productivity

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

MarketWire – Press Release

InsideView today announced that Cast Iron Systems, the leading SaaS and Cloud integration company, has selected SalesView to replace OneSource as its sales intelligence solution, adding to a growing list of OneSource converts. Cast Iron’s decision was driven by their need to improve the quality and the relevance of the data the sales team relies upon during the lead qualification process. SalesView, a leading Sales 2.0 application, combines relevant intelligence harvested from traditional editorial sources and emerging social media with seamless CRM mash-ups to arm the Cast Iron sales team with the insights needed to qualify profitable opportunities more effectively.

Unlike OneSource, which is a research tool that provides basic company and contact information, SalesView delivers accurate, relevant and timely business insights directly to sales representatives. SalesView captures this rich intelligence from thousands of content sources, including specialized research providers like Hoover’s, D&B and Reuters; Web 2.0 data providers Jigsaw and ZoomInfo; social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn; and over 20,000 online news sources. In addition to being the go-to source for detailed company information, SalesView also helps Cast Iron sales reps call the right prospects at the right time by alerting them to key business events and relationships that represent real sales opportunities.   (Full Article)

InsideView Announces Sales 2.0 Executive Series

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

TMC Net – MarketWire

InsideView today announced the launch of a Sales 2.0 Executive Series featuring the industry’s most prominent pundits and analysts as participants. Sales 2.0, a fast-growing category of productivity-enhancing solutions, brings together Web 2.0-based tools and processes that transform sales from an art to a science. Sales 2.0 applications maximize sales productivity and accelerate sales cycles — ultimately driving higher volume sales, higher value sales and higher velocity sales.

InsideView’s Sales 2.0 Executive Series is designed to explore the latest productivity-enhancing sales strategies in an economic climate where the number of legitimate sales opportunities appears to be shrinking. The series, which will include Webinars as well as blog and Twitter engagement, will reveal tangible methods for achieving significant efficiencies in sales organizations by empowering them with the information and the tools they need to be successful. (Full Article)

New Business Entrepreneur of the Year: Blowing in the Wind ?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Reno Gazette-Journal –  Mikalee Byerman

Hess uses wind energy to fuel Mariah Power

While most locals view Northern Nevada’s characteristic strong winds as a necessary nuisance, Mike Hess sees them as opportunity.

And as CEO of Reno-based Mariah Power, he is converting those winds into energy and a dream into reality. “I’m a 20-year-old in a 60-year-old’s body,” he said. “So this has been a wild ride, and I’m just grateful to have been in the right place at the right time.”? The right time, he noted, is a period in the political and social spectrum emphasizing green trends and renewable energy.

When company founders Chris Gabrys and Tim Rogers approached Hess about their radical idea — a virtually silent wind-to-energy conversion appliance that could be used commercially and residentially — Hess believed in its broad application. “Our first goal was to prove the idea right,” he said. “We built the first product, and it worked. Since then, it’s been about formulating a bright, smart, young team with the right sense of spirit.” (Full Article)

Dismal economy doesn’t deter MobiTV’s 6 million subscribers

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Broadcast Engineering – Carolyn Schuk

If you ask MobiTV senior VP Ray DeRenzo why the company’s Internet and mobile TV service continues to enjoy healthy growth even in our calamitous economy, he laughs and says, “I wish I had the answer.”

But despite this claim, DeRenzo in fact has a pretty good idea of the market factors that favor mobile TV right now.

“If you look at mobile TV viewers as a percentage of the wireless population as a whole, they tend to be early adopters. They tend to be less price sensitive, and I don’t think we’re seeing the same types of issues wireless carriers as a whole are seeing,” he said. “We haven’t seen higher churn than usual.”

Even more important to mobile TV’s near-term prospects, mobile TV is riding a surge of favorable trends.

“The available user experience around mobile video has just gotten better,” DeRenzo said. “Networks have gotten better, devices are better in terms of picture quality, programming has improved, as has the way you can watch — video on demand and live.”

“And as all this is coming together, people are starting to discover mobile TV,” DeRenzo said. “People just weren’t aware you can watch TV on a mobile device. It’s all those things happening simultaneously.” (Full Article)