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Streaming TV on your cell phone

Friday, October 22nd, 2004

MSNBC – Gary Krakow

MobiTV provides news, sports on a postage-stamp sized screen

First there was the cell phone. Then came the smartphone and the cameraphone. Brace yourself: Here comes the TV-phone.

Skeptical about streaming video as the next big thing? Dispel all notions that you can’t watch TV on such a small screen. Everyone who has seen this demonstrated in person is amazed at the quality –- as well as the experience.

The first phone to do this is Samsung’s MM-A700, which works on Sprint’s wireless network. The technology that turns the phone into a TV is called MobiTV, from a company named Idetic.

MobiTV provides live streaming television content for mobile phones and has been available to Sprint customers since November 2003.  For a monthly fee ($9.95 per month in addition to all your other cell phone charges) you can watch TV stories, news and sports clips and even get weather forecasts right on your cell phone screen.

Sprint’s basic MobiTV service allows you to sample content from a number of providers including NBC News.  NBC Mobile is constantly updating newscasts specially tailored for MobiTV’s small screen as well providing longer interviews and stories from NBC News shows and MSNBC. (Full Article)